Fire Risk Assessments in Brighton

Protect your property and staff with comprehensive fire risk assessments in Brighton from Fire Safety Solutions.

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Fire Risk Assessments in Brighton

Safeguarding Your Business with Fire Risk Assessments in Brighton

Fire Safety Brighton

Every year, fires cause severe damage to business owners and organisations. This devastating harm could have been mitigated efficiently with a fire risk assessment. If you’re extremely busy or are not sure of how to conduct a fire risk assessment for your Brighton premises, that’s where we can help.

No matter if your business is situated in the quieter Hanover area of Brighton, or you manage a property in Hove, our experienced fire safety consultants in Brighton are here to provide you with comprehensive fire risk assessments which are tailored to your specific needs.

  • We make complex fire safety regulations easy to understand.
  • Our qualified professionals offer expert advice and guidance to help keep everyone safe.
  • We fully comply with fire safety regulations, keeping your premises protected.

Understanding Fire Risk Assessments

Fire risk assessments are of high importance as they play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of staff and occupants. By effectively identifying potential fire hazards, employers and business owners can take smart measures to prevent fires and minimise the risk of harm.

Additionally, fire risk assessments aid in ensuring that your premises retains a safe and compliant environment. Frequent fire risk assessments enable the identification of potential hazards, such as faulty wiring and blocked escape routes or inadequate fire safety equipment. Through tackling these hazards, you can form an actively safer environment and minimise the possibility of a fire, eliminating the risk of injury or severe harm.

At Fire Safety Solutions, we offer tailored fire risk assessments throughout Brighton and the surrounding areas. Working with business owners, councils, landlords, schools and facilities managers, we provide first class guidance to help you implement the results of your assessment, ensuring a fully protected premises should a fire occur. To book your fire risk assessment, complete our contact form today, or call 023 92 696596.

Fire Safety Brighton

Legal Requirements for Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Safety Brighton

The legal requirements for conducting fire risk assessments in non-domestic premises throughout the UK are outlined in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This fire safety legislation places the responsibility for fire safety on the "responsible person", who is typically the business owner, manager or employer.

The responsible person is required to carry out a fire risk assessment, which entails identifying potential fire hazards and evaluating the level of risk that they pose. This assessment must be reviewed often to make sure that any changes within the premises are considered and that fire safety measures remain effective.

Why Choose Fire Safety Solutions for your Fire Risk Assessment in Brighton?

As experienced and reliable fire safety consultants in Brighton, Fire Safety Solutions takes pride in delivering comprehensive fire risk assessments to help you stay compliant. Our experienced fire risk assessors are here to help you with each aspect of your fire risk assessment, from initial survey to documentation and implementation.

Peace of Mind with Accredited Risk Assessors

Our risk assessors are accredited by recognised bodies such as the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), the Fire Protection Association (FPA) and the British Standards Institution (BSI). These accreditations demonstrate the quality training that our assessors undergo to provide you with the industry’s standard of best-practice.

Experienced & Knowledgeable

The highly qualified risk assessors from FSS have encountered a wide range of scenarios and challenges, allowing them to assess and address potential risks more effectively.

Check out our Google reviews and client testimonials for reassurance of our reputable nature.

No Shortcuts

We'll not only detect potential fire hazards, but also gauge the effectiveness of your existing fire safety measures. A comprehensive assessment will cover you with actionable recommendations for improvement, including a full property evaluation of: structural elements, emergency exits, fire detection systems and evacuation procedures.

Effective Communicators

Our assessors clearly communicate the results of their findings, recommendations, and the rationale behind them. We'll work collaboratively beside you, explaining complex concepts in a simple way.

Our Fire Risk Assessment Services in Brighton

  • Fire Risk Assessments for Care Homes in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for Heritage Buildings in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for HMOs in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for Holiday Lets in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for Hospitals in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for Landlords in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for Schools in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for Places of Worship in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for Commercial Buildings in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for Retail Shops in Brighton
  • Fire Risk Assessments for Warehouses in Brighton

About Brighton

Brighton is a colourful and energetic city situated in the county of East Sussex. Famous for its seaside resort area and a 47-mile distance south of London, the city has been a significant attraction in the UK for those seeking fun, sea air and sunshine. Brighton’s iconic landmarks include Royal Pavilion and Brighton Palace Pier. The city of Brighton is renowned for its accepting culture, being a major hub of diversity and creativity. Brighton is also rich in its history. Evidence suggests a settlement existed in the Brighton area dating back to the Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods. Major roads surrounding Brighton include the M23, A23 and the A259.

As a top provider of fire safety services in Brighton, Fire Safety Solutions go above and beyond to ensure our Brighton fire safety services cover all areas of the county, including: The Lanes, Hanover, Kemptown, Brighton Marina, North Laine, Preston Park, Seven Dials, Brighton Beach, Hangleton, London Road, Aldrington, Beachfront, Patcham, Saltdean and Brunswick.

From distinguishing fire hazards and those at risk, to organising an emergency evacuation plan, Fire Safety Solutions provides thorough fire safety advice in Brighton. We go above and beyond in making sure our services cover the expansive area of Brighton, ensuring our fire risk assessments are accessible to all businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions
Fire risk assessment Brighton
I want a professional fire risk assessor in Brighton. Can you help?

At Fire Safety Solutions, our services surround comprehensive fire safety risk assessments which successfully assist you in managing fire safety for your Brighton property. Our fire safety assessments help protect your building from risk of fire with expert advice on fire safety management. Get a quote today by completing our contact form, or alternatively, call 023 92 696596.

How much is a fire risk assessment in Brighton?

The cost of a risk assessment can depend on the size and nature of the premises you are enquiring about. To arrange a site visit from one of our professionals or to get a quote, please contact 023 92 696596 or complete our contact form.

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