Fire Safety Training Courses

Fire Safety Solutions provides onsite fire safety training to businesses throughout the UK.

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Why Undertake Fire Warden Training

Your Fire Safety Training Experts

Fire Safety Solutions provides comprehensive fire safety training tailored to your organisation's requirements. Our training sessions are conducted at your premises, ensuring minimal disruption and downtime for your operations. By bringing the training to you, we prioritise convenience and efficiency, allowing your employees to participate without having to travel off-site.

Our experienced trainers take into account factors such as the layout of your premises, the nature of your operations, and any specific hazards or risks present. This personalised approach guarantees that participants receive relevant and practical training that directly applies to their roles and responsibilities within your organisation.

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What Will You Learn?

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Hazards and Risks

Understanding the hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace

Controlling Fire Risks

Understanding how fire risk is controlled in the workplace

Principles and Practice of Fire Safety

Understanding the Principles and Practice of fire safety management at work

Role of the Nominated Fire Warden

Understanding the responsibilities and duties of the nominated fire warden

Enhancing Fire Response Skills

Testing Knowledge and Insights

Throughout the course, participants will delve into the most effective responses to various fire scenarios and learn how to appropriately select the right fire extinguisher for different types of fires. This comprehensive training culminates in a thorough examination designed to evaluate the attendees' grasp of the acquired knowledge and skills, ensuring their readiness to handle fire emergencies with confidence and competence.

All course delegates are awarded a certificate on completion of training and full attendance, valid for three years.

Fire Safety Training Courses Response Times

Our Fire Safety Training
Course Delivery

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Site Specific Training

Our instructors adjust the fire safety training material to tackle specific hazards and safety protocols pertinent to your workplace setting, guaranteeing participants acquire practical and relevant knowledge.

Building Fire Safety Tour

This interactive tour helps them identify fire exits, extinguishers, alarms, and other essential equipment, ensuring effective emergency response.

Audio Visual and Kinetic Learning

We employ varied teaching methods like audio visual aids and hands-on activities, including visual presentations and interactive demonstrations, to enhance understanding and retention of safety concepts.

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